“Everything in life happens for a reason and the reason is you, your attitude: the way you set your thoughts, the words you speak, your everyday habits, the way you wear,  Your choices and your step can lead you everywhere you want and make you achieve your goals! That’s why your MINDSET is the most important thing ever.

MNDST brand  born from two enterpreuners friends Friederich and Maartin from Berlin and Netherlands whom aim is to inspire  different people from all over the world to go beyond what the already know. Theirs quality sweaters and stuff message is: no matter who you are, where you come from, with the right mindset there ain’t no mountains  high enough you can’t reach, you just can and succeed!


I coudn’t agree more, and you?

Is yours a fixed Mindset or a Growth one?
It’s up to you, you can’t control anybody else’s mind but yours.
The way you react to your failure. If you see it as an opportunity to grown, you are on  the right way!
Sometimes we all need to remind us simple things: You can make it, you can control the way you think. It looks so easy but often we forget it.

Then MNDST is here to remind it 😉




Set your Mind


MNDST in the world
Marta In Rome



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